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This occasion provides a unique opportunity for Church Leaders and Pastors to come together and glean from movers and shakers with many years of lived experience leading in the New Zealand church scene.


The last two and a half years have been tough on many churches with Covid, lockdowns, mandates, loss of venues and members, church closures, targeted media attacks, landmark court cases relating to faith-based groups, navigating segregation issues, leader fatigue and burnout and much more.


While the church has been under unprecedented pressure, the moral decay in our wider country has also been pronounced and significant. As leaders we now all face the challenge of bringing fresh direction and restoration to a bruised church in an uncertain and ever-changing world around us. How does the NZ church proactively respond and find new relevance in these times?


Martin Luther King Jnr famously said "I have a dream." Joseph was also a dreamer. Collectively let's come together and declare 'We have a dream' for a better NZ for our churches, communities and the future generations to come. Join Apostle Brian Tamaki as he hosts this interactive and refreshing forum.

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Friday October 21st

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